Energy Saver

A typical pool pump runs at single speed consuming about 1kW an hour costing 30-40 cents an hour depending on what state you are in and $800 a year – or more for larger pools.
Simply by plugging in a Pump Energy Saver Controller (PESC) that yearly cost can be reduced 80% to $150.
The cost over the life of the pump is considerable – $3,000 or more in just five years.

Pump Energy Saver Controller is what is technically called a ‘frequency inverter’ that transforms any single speed swimming pool pump to an energy efficient variable speed pump — but at a fraction of the cost of buying a new – and expensive – variable speed pump.

The PESC is a self-contained Plug ‘N Play controller that can be setup in minutes simply by plugging in the pump and use the Low, Medium of High manual speeds or use the sophisticated timers (set of 4) to change the speed of the pump for different times of the day or night.


  • Saves up to 80% in electricity
  • Four timers to set any speed from 1200rpm – 2800rpm
  • Easily programmable touch screen display
  • Whisper quiet at 52dBA
  • Reduced wear on pump moving parts > longer life of pump
  • Lower pressure means longer filter life
  • Pool water becomes crystal clear
  • Reduced chemical usage
  • Plug ‘N Play – no plumbing or parts required
  • Eco – reduces carbon footprint

Two models are available: PESC 1100 which can take a pump up to 1.1kW and the PESC 2200 for a pump up to 2.2kW.

UberPool Perth is the importer and official Distributor from the manufacturer, Aquagem Electric

Contact UberPool Perth to find out more how you will benefit considerably with a Pump Energy Saver Controller


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