Every pool needs to be sanitised in one way or another. Once the filter has removed the organic material that algae and bacteria feed on, the sanitiser destroys all the remaining bacteria and algae which can be dangerous to swimmers and bathers.

Salt Chlorinators are the most popular and cost effective type of sanitiser in Australia. All sanitisers listed below are self-cleaning, fully digital and can be used with salt or – gaining popularity – minerals. Combined with our Acqua Therepe Minerals you can experience a swimming and bathing experience that is silky, fresh and non-sticky like no other.

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    Viron Salt Chlorinator by Astral Pool brings a new benchmark in efficiency, control, convenience and reliability – now with Bluetooth control. The Viron Salt Chlorinator continually generates chlorine at the level you require allowing you to set and forget. With easy to use touch pad, intelligent self-cleaning of the cell, pool dosing control and now with Bluetooth to operate via your mobile phone.


    • Energy efficient switch mode power supply
    • Robust reliable construction
    • Intelligent self cleaning for long life
    • Touch pad and time clock control
    • Take control of your AstralPool Chlorinator to the next level by going wireless with Bluetooth® control.
    • View your water balance
    • Auto or direct manual control
    • Schedule and adjust timers
    CHLORINATORGO Bluetooth® App Control

    The E Series Salt Chlorinator offers affordable, reverse polarity self cleaning technology in a simple to use, easy to install yet robust and reliable product. This legendary reliability has now been incorporated into a low cost, reverse polarity, self-cleaning salt chlorinator – the E Series Salt Chlorinator.


    • Automatically disinfects and sanitises pool and spa water
    • Self cleaning and low maintenance
    • Australian made for Australian conditions
    • Affordable, robust and reliable

    The AstralPool Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator provides a range of options to minimise or eliminate the change in water balance.
    This dramatically reduces manual water testing, maintenance or corrective actions required for your pool water.  In Total Ai mode, the Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator can test, monitor and maintain the perfect sanitiser level and pH balance, while also controlling the pool pump for maximum energy savings. All of this to keep your pool safe, healthy and looking great for you and your family.

    Three intelligent system add ons. Further expand your pool automation.

    The eQuilibrium Chlorinator offers up to 3 intelligent system upgrades to test, monitor and maintain the perfect level of sanitiser and pH balance to keep your pool safe, healthy and looking great.

    • Viron eQuilibrium Salt Chlorinator (standard)
    • Viron eQuilibrium 2 with pH balance
    • Viron eQuilibrium 3 with pH balance & chlorine management
    • eQuilibrium Ai Mode for control of pH balance, chlorine and water flow for complete swimming pool experience.

    The AquaRite+ is one of the most advanced salt water chlorinator for pools on the market. The AquaRite+ has a magnitude of different on/ off timer features, is fully expandable, giving you the freedom to create a system that suits you.

    Key Features

    • Options that allow the constant measurement and control of chlorine and pH levels
    • Control your pool by Smart Phone.
    • Automatic Timer Schedules
    • Automatic Low Salt Warning
    • Automatic Salt Level Testing
    • Automatic Water Temperature Measuring
    • Real time water temperature is displayed
    • Expandable with upgrade kits