Equipment Aids


Leaves a problem in your pool? Suction cleaner cannot cope? Here’s the answer for leaf-plagued pools…

PoolSkim is an award winning, clever invention that skims all floating debris such as leaves, grass and bugs from the pool surface.

It attaches to the water return line creating a venturi effect that effectively draws the water in the surface capturing debris in an easy to clean bag.  It does not require any extra booster pump. It skims the leaves from the surface every minute the pump is running before sinking to the bottom.

Time and time again, the PoolSkim has without doubt proven itself an essential piece of equipment to any pool that is plagued by leaves.

Pool water level plummeting?

Summer sun is harsh and evaporation is higher than most pool owners think. Did you know in January in Perth you can lose up to 12mm a day from evaporation? And in just five days that equals 60mm – nearly 2 ½ inches …! No you do not have a leak somewhere – just plain old evaporation.

A trouble free way to cope with the constant hassle of getting the hose into the pool is to use an automated water filler constantly topping up your pool never having to worry that your pump will run dry – and the costly repairs – due to low water level in the skimmer box.

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