Green Pools

OMG! My pool has turned green!

Many pool owners at some time or other have been confronted by the sight of their usually pristine pool turned into a sickly green frog haven.

A green pool is a daunting task to set right without the correct measures applied: if not handled correctly, many hours and expensive chemicals may only result in the pool remaining cloudy and far from sanitary unless you know what you are doing.

Green pools are mostly caused by:

  • Out of balance water (and often overly high pH)
  • Phosphates in the water (in turn accompanied by low chlorine level)
  • Poor water circulation caused by blockages, inadequate filtration and insufficient water in pool

At UberPool Perth we have over seven years of industry experience dealing with green pools to rapidly get your pool back to sparkling clear blue water with the least possible expense to your pocket.

(NB. if your pool is green, sending photos from your phone will greatly help in quickly determining what needs to be done to get your pool back to a sparkling condition).

How green is green? Or brown!

We categorise green pools into four stages from light algae growth on walls and pool floor — Stage I to Stage IV — which require differing and extensive levels of treatment.

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